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Complexity with Collette, Millü & Pjenne, Mystery Machine, Three Mile, Tony 5 & Liluzu, Dave Lazy & Danger Can

Tickets $10 before 5PM. Doors 3.00 PM

Homelessness is an immensely complex issue that affects more than just those living on the streets.



Colette Millu + P’jenne Mystery Machine Three Mile Tony 5 + Liluzu Dave Lazy + Danger Can

Entry is $10 before 5pm and $15 onwards

The amount of people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne is rapidly reaching crisis point. Scarce employment opportunities combined with an unaffordable housing market are just some of the factors that have contributed to the increasing epidemic.

The objective of this event is to educate and explore the complex realities of this escalating issue, whilst shedding light on some practical solutions that are in-effect and successfully working to combat the crisis at hand.

As a community we possess much stigma and general ignorance in relation to this deeply seeded issue. Through this event and its lead up, we aim to generate both progressive discussion and provide an authentic insight into the lives of those we often see, but rarely hear.

We believe: Before you change something, you must understand it, first.

June 18th at the Gasometer, this event will be held, in proud support of those experiencing homelessness.

Funds from the event well are used to support the following organizations and initiatives …

Homie are a not for profit based in Brunswick st, Fitzroy. They provide pathways out of homelessness through the running of their store that sells brand-new clothing, with all profits returning to the Community. Furthering their work to the community, Homie have developed a retail-training program that allows for at risk youth to gain valuable employment experience through working at their store. The trainees are then guaranteed a job at Cotton On once they complete the program. The majority of funds raised will go towards the program and it’s endeavors to expand and offer long-term results.

Throughout the lead up to the event, filmmaker Alex Siddons (‘The Saints of St Kilda’, ‘The High School Lawyer’) will be releasing a series of short-films that explore the inspiring work of Homie and the realities of those currently experiencing homelessness.

Through the vehicle of story telling, we aim to break the often-trivialized stigmas of homelessness and humanize the everyday struggles of those undergoing such adverse circumstance.

Special thanks to all of the lovely and generous people who have donated their time, effort and resources to this project. It really couldn’t have happened without such a collaborative effort. A particular mention to all of the artists playing and Sam ‘Sprinkles’ Donaldson for the amazing artwork.