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Dan Brodie Album Launch with Special Guests (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $15+BF/$20 on the door. Doors 5.00 PM

A formidable live performer, Brodie managed to bash his guitar like a country singer attacks the bottle..with a million broken strings tonight just to complete the tragedy...his vocal is the aural equivalent of watching a last ditch drunk fighting for his life in a back country bar - Jake Stone

Dan Brodie is an acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter.

Since 1999, Brodie has captured audiences around the world, releasing a succession of albums (seven in total) which have been nominated for numerous awards.

His musical talents have taken him to the U.S., U.K., France, Spain and New Zealand playing such iconic venues as CBGB in New York, The Continental in Austin, The Exit/In in Nashville and The Olympia in Paris.

In 2017 Dan Brodie returns to present LOST NOT FOUND, a collection of other people’s songs, reinterpreted.

“I didn’t want to make an Album of straight up copies of the originals, I felt like that has been done to death, instead I looked for some of my favourite artists whose lyrics resonated with me, and created my own musical palette on which to present them.”

Brodie recorded the Album in his home studio in Melbourne, playing the majority of instruments including guitar, bass, synthesiser and percussion, working relentlessly to flesh out the blood and guts of the original song.

For Brodie, choosing the songs all came down to the story telling and emotional power of the lyrics,

“It all came down to the lyrics, which surprised me, as I always assumed that every so called great song could be reinterpreted, but for me that was not the case. Some songs are of their time, but to reach across time they also need a great lyric as a foundation in which to lay down your own interpretation and story ”

The results are a spectacularly dark and brooding album sparkling with both familiarity and mystery.

From the visceral Bob Dylan opener, “Standing in the doorway” to a meditative take on Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger”, through to Paul Simon’s “You can call me Al” minus the horns and upbeat cheeriness to the melancholy reworkings of Motorhead’s “Damage Case” and to the terrifying cautionary tale, “Swine” an underground grunge punk classic penned by Aussie performer, Stu Spasm, the audience is transported into the dark underbelly of Brodie’s haunting musical arrangements and presentation, leaving plenty of room for the listener to draw their own conclusions from the songs.

Brodie also had time to include three originals compositions, his own songs holding their own and standing proudly alongside the other more famous and infamous, especially in the beautiful piano ballad, “Words of a drunken man” and in the sweet waltz “I aint got nothing (if I ain’t got you)”, the delicious pedal steel tones provided by longtime collaborator and brother, Chris Brodie.

LOST NOT FOUND represents a high water mark for Brodie, coming after his 2013 diagnosis and successful treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma, a Retrospective album in 2015 and two lengthy tours of Europe both solo and with his band The Grieving Widows and finds our hero lacking none of his intensity and commitment to making music that not only survives but endures.