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Picket Palace Single Launch w/ Swamp, Foggy Notion

Tickets $5 on the door. Doors 8.00 PM

After a year of writing and concentrating on their live show the boys from Brunswick based five piece Picket Palace have finally recorded some music. In their first headline show of the year they will be launching their debut single ‘Pull your head in’. The song captures the essence of a Picket Palace gig; catchy riffs, long jams and an overwhelming feeling that everything could all descend into chaos at any moment. Joining them for the single launch will be the new-to-town Foggy Notion: a bluesy, thoughtful four piece with a good attitude and great facial hair and the ever-energetic Swamp: jangle influenced surf rockers with what can only be described as ‘more than a little bit of sixties vibe’. 13th of July//$5 Entry