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Kill Devil Hills with Timothy Nielson & Leah Senior

Tickets $20+BF/$25 on the door. Doors 8.00 PM

The Kill Devil Hills formed in 2003 as a quiet acoustic project, but that was a dumb idea and didn't last very long, quickly swelling ranks like a looming tide, until 14 years later it has settled down somewhat as 6-piece purveyor of tuneful cacophony, beautiful bastard noise, ugly but honest ballads, and gene-spliced sonic other words, a rock band with a heart of mud and coal. Four albums, a few 7"s, a live record, several band members and a shitload of kilometres and late late nights later....Like the fabled Hydra, we are difficult, nay, impossible, to slay. The band has toured Australia, Canada, the US and most parts of Western Europe...and will continue to do so until all our hair and teeth fall out and we can only croak like toads and make music by hitting brightly coloured things with our cheap imported walking sticks. An entrancing, visceral, emotive, sensual and usually fucking loud live act, this is one of those special Australian-mutant bands that only remote continents can cough up, a species confined to islands, fever-dreams, and occasionally to strut the stage a while. Since departing band member Agent Steven Joines recently went into the witness protection programme in a remote New Zealand dictatorship, we have undertaken the various initiation rituals required to announce that Luke Dux is officially our new guitarist, welcome, and we're sorry... This run of winter shows will be the first with the new lineup, before the band commences work on a new album, and European shows later in the year.