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Grenfell Tower Relief Fundraiser w/ JNETT, RAMBL, Kovac + More (UPSTAIRS)

Tickets $10 on the door. Doors at 3.00 PM

All proceeds to The Harrow Youth Club, West London.


On the 14th of June 2017, just after midnight reports were received that the Grenfell Tower was on fire. The fire was to burn for 24 hours with casualties estimated to be as high as 79 at the time of writing.

Whilst conjecture remains about who exactly is how responsible, it’s safe to say that a policy of putting the lives of those living in precarious circumstances into even greater precariousness for the sake of ‘austerity’ will be the ultimate culprit.

Budgets to housing have been slashed in the UK, this has led to shoddy materials being utilised and under maintenance (The Grenfell Action Group has complaints dating back to 2013 listed on their website). As well as housing, other services that are meant to help these communities are victims of the same.

Over 6 years from April 2010 it was estimated that the budget for youth services had been cut by £387 Million. Youth Centres are not just integral for the young people that utilise them, but also the establishment of a richer and more vibrant culture - particularly in music. The Beatles performed several times at the beginning of their career at the Knotty Ash Youth Centre over 54 years ago and more recently the biggest names of Grime, from Dizzee to Skepta put a lot of their success down to the existence of these places of refuge, respite and creativity for the kids.

For this reason all proceeds will be given to the Harrow Youth Club which provides studio space, mentoring in life and music, amongst other activities to young people in the area. It’s a 5 minute walk from the Grenfell Tower and the club were fully operational helping displaced people about 2 hours after first reports to emergency services. They valiantly continue to do so.