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Smooch Into Spring with Divide & Dissolve, JDFR, Peak Twins, Smile, Sleep D & More. Tickets $15+BF EARLY BIRD. Doors 5.00 PM

Divide & Dissolve are a Texas-Geelong duo based in Melbourne have one solid ambition; to abolish white supremacy with their heavy, bone-crushing doom. JDFR is the Björk-approved solo endeavour of Iceland's Jófríður Ákadóttir. Minimalist soundscapes paired with Jófríður's voice, which has a strength that’s made to seem fragile with its vibrato, like a solid pane of glass vibrating just enough not to shatter.

PEAK TWINS. Suave soul hunk rockers. Their first live show in almost 4 years. Rebecca Sui Zhen, fresh back from the Sydney Opera House. Japanese lovers rock, 80s electro-bossanova and dubby-lounge pop. Melbourne's own Ela Stiles. Unsettling, gothic dance-pop anthems. Kandere is Wahe Kavara and Lakyn Tarai. Avant-garde liquidised trap.

SMILE's first live performance of 2017. The band that no-one asked for. Greta Now, from Sydney and she sounds bored, but only because she's more interesting than everyone else. Great Outdoors, fresh off their new LP Fake News, an album rich with mystery and surprise, and while it addresses modernity it does so with a diversity of sound and tone that offers a slice of magic track to track. It’s one of the best Australian releases of 2017 (4ZZZ). Hemm, kooky electronic pop. Sleep D, the axis of the Australian electronic subterranean, and Sanpo Disco. Disco escapism and rose-tinted balearic smooth rock.