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The Sinking Teeth 'Vancouver' Launch with Special Guests (UPSTAIRS)


THE SINKING TEETH began in a flat above a particularly shady pawnshop in Brunswick, Victoria. There were holes in the walls, the roof leaked badly and the owner of the pawnshop said he would shoot us if we practiced there. The place was a dive, but it was perfect for writing grubby tunes. We had some epic parties, wrote a few songs and then eventually part of the roof caved in, so we had to move out.

We had all met through sharing bills in various bands/the occasional hello on a Saturday night in the city. Eventually we worked out that we had a bunch of stuff in common. The Sinking Teeth was built as an outlet. Something we hadn’t done before - something new to "sink our teeth into".

We eventually found another derelict empty office space to move into. It lasted all of 3 months. A few noise complaints and a visit from the council and we were out again. We have now found our feet and are living in a house in Brunswick East with some friends – it’s a good community vibe. We cut our teeth playing all over Melbourne - shitty clubs/great pubs/parks/drainage ditches, whatever.

The thing about us is that even though we are really close, we are really different. We are constantly listening to different music and we bring those influences to the table. When one of us is listening to Les Savy Fav the others will be listening to Minus The Bear, Lionel Ritchie, Anchors, Title Fight – it gets a little weird, but it keeps things fresh. Probably the thickest of our common threads is that we are all driven to push this thing as far as it will go.

Last year we released a debut EP, White Water, and managed to tag along on tour with some awesome bands including Calling All Cars, Shihad and Bodyjar. Live shows are what we live for.

“You Can’t Build A Bike Out of Muffins” is the first single from our second EP, Salt & Stitches, due out soon.

So... give us a listen. Come to a show. We’ll give you a cuddle.