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Faux Pas Noir Presents: Rococo Noir

FREE ENTRY. Doors 5.00 PM

Rococo rəˈkəʊkəʊ/ | Adjective Extravagantly or excessively ornate, especially (of music or literature) highly ornamented and florid.

Powder your wigs and have your handmaidens lace up your intricately embroidered corsets, because the most decadent, lavish banquet of sound, pretence, and vin rouge is soon to be served (on France's finest silverware) to sate your every regal desire.

As such, we wish to request that you grace us with not only your presence, but your cheekiest attitude. Join us as we indulge ourselves, and know that no expense will be spared in order to provide you with the most chic of evenings. Join Louis XVII, Marie Antoinette, and the infamous Melbourne club aristocracy for this gorgy royal romp xxx

Our palatial posse of the kingdom's finest minstrels include;


And in what world would royalty have to pay entry...this event will be free mes chéris x