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Grand Final Day At The Gas!

FREE ENTRY. Doors 12.00 PM.

Grand Final - What does it mean to you?

For some, it’s the hanger you took in the driveway at Half Time in ’02. The fact you ate shit in the moments following meant very little, because you got some SERIOUS air time.

For others, it’s the burnt pies, because everyone’s huddled round the telly, forgetting about the tasty packages left in the oven. Or maybe it’s that one mate who hits the beers far too early, and is left offering about as much as Leon Davis on the big day.

How about this year, we try something different? Banish these pre-conceived ideas of what the Granny is supposed to mean to you, and get your asses down to The Gaso.

We’re well prepared, I’ll tell you that much.

But where can you watch the game? We have more screens than Sydney has flags. Actually.

But you want it on the big screen! We’re hooking up the projector in the bandroom, free of charge!

Game a stinker? We’ve got Tijuana cartel in the bandroom post-game. You know it’ll be raucous.

Struggling to find a reason to care? We’ve got BUMP DJs pumping a Front Bar set stocked with more hits than The Footy Show has washed up, coked up ex-bit-part players. Ooft. That was a mouthful.

We don’t stop there. Oh no. We go again. DJ JOEY LIGHTBULB will be present, and he ain’t hawking around.

KITCHEN DISCO with special guests DJ L.O.G. And Yeh Na Sick are upstairs too. I was going to suggest that this would be a ‘skins v tops’ battle, but that’d be misleading. There will be minimal tops on display here. This is DEFINITION tops off vibe.

But what if I get thirsty? We’ve got $5 Melb Tinnies and $7 schooners. You won’t be left unquenched.

Starting to get a little peckish? In celebration of the Stewie Dew’s and Dean Rioli’s of footy, we’ve got you sorted for the traditional footy meal! Not to mention FREE meat pies at half team, as well as a Vego option.

So why again, were you planning on going to that same mates place for Grand Final Day? Was it for the burnt pies? Or the annoying prick he insists on inviting every year? No?

Well why not avoid all that codswallop and join us at The Gaso.