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10 Years Plus GST of Tranter plus Gameboy/Gamegirl Live

$10 on the door. Doors 9.00 PM

10 YEARS (plus gst) OF TRANTER PLUS GAMEBOY GAMEGIRL LIVE The Gasometer Hotel Friday 8th September 9PM-late $10 entry

A party ten years (plus gst) in the making. Tranter has been a club staple in Melbourne for too long. You may know him as that guy who used to play Click Click or 3rd Class or Cant Say or Favela Rock, or that guy who played after Nile Rodgers at Meredith, or that guy who runs REUP and used to run Trendyfirends, or that guy who supported everyone and anyone who came through town, or even that guy who hosted Hood Pass on Triple R. The king of microgenres, the John Farnham of dance, the quattro formaggio of club tunes, the big pigdog is celebrating TEN YEARS (PLUS GST) of partying and dropping tunes. Come down to the Gaso and be prepped to dance to a mix of: THROWBACK INDIE / TOTES NEW RAP / RAD DANCE MUSICS / PARTY (but not like lame party) / BAILE FUNK, BMORE AND OTHER GENRES THAT YOU MIGHT NOT REMEMBER / KEWLZY WANKY SRS STUFF / CUTE INTERNET VIBEZ / MAYBE SOME TARP / ????

ALSO Gameboy/Gamegirl are gonna be playing a show to celebrate 10 years of Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp. For those who don't know, GB/GG started as a joke, when a bunch of fronds thought it'd be sick to start a band listening to Spank Rock and James Chance. They went on to enlist Ben Plant aka Miami Horror to produce and DJ for the band, and magic happened. They won a Triple J Unearthed competition, went on to tour the world and release music that topped the Beatport charts and get heaps of views on youtube. But alas, it was all too good to be true, and the band broke up after 3 years. Now they're back and theyre playing the exact same show they used to play and it's as trashy and fun as you remember. They might add a new song if they cbf putting one together. Probs not tho. lol.