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Bloody Legends at The Gaso with Francesca Gonzales, Plastic, Alphonso & Juice Webster

Tickets $10 on the door. Doors 8.00 PM

Question: why has no one ever made a film about a venue booker?

Answer: who wants to watch a movie about someone periodically typing, at varying rates of frustration, between bites of a stale ciabatta they’ve been sitting on for three hours? 

We wanted to book a gig that celebrates the proper types that make our job the best in the world. Or at least 100 times better than flipping Summer Sunsets for $12 an hour. 

Feb 21, we bring together four of the most prepared, authentic, & down right amazing acts bopping round in Melbourne at present. 
We've got Francesca GonzalesPlasticAlphonso & Juice Webster.

They’ve all played the Gaso in the past 6 months, and ya know what? They’ve fuggin’ killed it. 

Too often in life, we focus on the negatives. We can be as cynical as anyone here at The Gas, but now we reckon it’s time to flip the tables & change the scene. All four of these bands are Bloody Legends, and they’re worthy of your time & pennies.