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Anzac Day at The Gaso (FREE ENTRY)

Doors 2.00 PM

Well well well,

If it isn't the second most bleugh public holiday on the Australian calendar!

But there's no reason for you to hole up at home, watching Simpsons re-runs and eating yourself stupid on a diet of baked beans and leftovers.

The Gas'll sort ya kindly. We've got all the trimmings - $5 tinnies, party pies at half time, a brand spankin' new kitchen, and of course, the game on the box. Or the boxes, rather - we'll have four tvs blaring out the damn thing!

Avoid the queues, the parades, the hysteria. Come down to the Gas, look after you!

Open from 2PM. Love your local.

Warm Regards,

The Gasometer - The only pub for footy in the North!