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Pierogi Pierogi - International Workers Day Party (FREE ENTRY)

Free Entry. Doors 5.00 PM

Workers of the world unite! Pierogi lovers of the world unite!

In solidarity with the workers of the world Pierogi Pierogi return their highly successful, deliciously left wing, Polish pop-up kitchen to The Gasometer to put a tasty dumpling shaped spanner into the machinations of an oppressive and flavourless state.

Vodka will flow! The disenfranchised will rise up! Homemade pierogi, Hearty soup, herrings and vodka - will nourish and drive the radical heart!

Shoulder to shoulder we will sing, laugh and cry!

The International Workers Day kitchen take over will reach fever pitch after dinner with musical accompaniment from our friends –

DJ Baba Noir spinning 70’s Turkish music from Anatolian pop, funk, psychedelic folk rock and Turkish Disco from 6pm and French apparatchik, gypsy punks, Cyclo Timik striking the killer blow to late capitalism from 8pm.

Pierogi Pierogi will be serving food at The Gasometer from 5pm until late. Order and pay at the bar sisters and brothers.

The live entertainment is in a separate band room from 8pm and it's FREE!

Vodka will flow until the bar is closed and it is then that we will seize the means of production!