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Sophisticated Dingo with Gamjee & Psychobabel (UPSTAIRS)


Cheeky little doggoes SOPHISTICATED DINGO are sick of your smashed avo, craft beer and buzzfeed articles about the yoof and their inability to save money. And they’re telling you where to go in their trash punk single, ‘Yuppies’ . Yuppies make inner city living a drag. They push up the prices of avocado let alone housing! Bread is no longer something you toast but something you have to source from an artisan bakery and don’t even get me started on coffee! Good thing we have SOPHISTICATED DINGO here to cock their legs up on them. Drawing from Aussie punk, surf and garage, the band started in a loft above a garage, which for a garage band is the only answer you need. ‘Yuppies’ is fuzzed out but tuneful, fast but danceable, and visceral while poptastic.