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Freedom Time Party with Sol Nation and The Black Sistaz

Tickets $20+BF/$25 on the door. Doors 2.00 PM

Let's join together with Sol Nation, The Black Sistaz, Dario Maia and DJ-Manny to celebrate the unbelievable power of people to change and cultivate their environments from East Timor to West Papua, people have created change on every level- politically, environmentally, socially & economically.

On this day, we are celebrating unity, alliance, community, commitment and connection that has led to the 16th anniversary of independence for Timor Leste and the unyielding fight for freedom for West Papua, who have been under Indonesian occupation since 1963.

Timor Leste gained independence after Indonesia relinquished control in 1999. East Timor became the first new sovereign state of the 21st century on 20 May 2002 and joined the United Nations and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

Thanks to incredible strength, resilience, tenacity and fortitude of the people and its leaders, Timor has lead the way and achieved what the West Papuans have been striving for for the past 40 years.

Indonesia seized West Papua, the western half of the island of New Guinea, in 1963, shortly after the Dutch colonists pulled out. Political parties were immediately banned, nascent Papuan nationalism crushed, and tens of thousands of troops, police and special forces flooded in. In 1969 a UN-supervised sham referendum was held, and just over a thousand hand-picked representatives were bribed, cajoled and threatened into voting in favour of Indonesian rule.

A police state has shackled the vast region ever since, battling a low-level tribal insurgency and suppressing independence aspirations with such vigour that raising the Papuan national flag can land you 15 years in prison.

Only TOGETHER in unity, cohesion, solidarity and standing as one, we can create better worlds and make the change we need to see.

Join us for a drink, a dance and a song, to commemorate all the wonderful people who work hard to make our world fairer, more equitable and a better place for all of us.