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Valentine's Day Karaoke Party at The Gaso!

We all know deep down, regardless of your relationship status, that Valentine's Day tends to be at best a bit of a let down, and at worst, an absolute shit show.


Whether you're single, taken, looking, happily free and easy, WHATEVER, we wanna party with you! We're throwing an EPIC KARAOKE PARTY in the Gaso band room, which means if you've ever dreamed of being on stage and belting out your karaoke fave through a proper band room sound system, you're about to find out that heaven truly is a place on earth (bags that banger, thanks).

We're gonna have a DUETS COMPETITION where you can win a slab of beer and a double pass to any show at the Gaso you like, and I'm very tempted to personally shout a cocktail to the person I deem Best Impersonator, but other than that it is going to be an epic feel good free for all, and we want you there.

Dance, sing, kiss your special babe or just fist bump and belt out Hall & Oates with your fave mates - the corporate side of Feb 14th can eat a dick, but the bit about celebrating love? We're into that.

Song list is available HERE:

There'll be some beloved Melbourne music folk hopping up on stage to make magic (WHO? WELL YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO SEE HUH) and once karaoke's over, we'll queue up some belters and dance til it's time to come home.

Let's romance EACH OTHER through the magic of song, Melbourne x

$10 on the door! BE THERE

PS: I blew the graphic designer budget on the karaoke machine SORRY

PPS: Special note to queers - I'm aware of the GLARING lack of Robyn in the playlist. Rest assured ROBYN O'CLOCK has been factored into proceedings and we will just play the original version and we'll have to dance our arses off together...