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Tamara & the Dreams Single Launch

Tamara and the Dreams is the dazzling four piece indie pop project of quirky internet-dwelling 21-year-old Tamara Reichman. In her instantly recognisable songs, candid reflections on youth, identity and the self are filtered through bittersweet guitar songs that can be both abrasive and whimsical, as Tamara & the Dreams explores what it means to be young and alive.

True to its name, ‘Lofi’ was recorded on a sunny afternoon in guitarist Matt’s bedroom. On a saccharine indie pop backdrop, the song delves into seasonal depression, second-hand clothes, finger-biting and the ache of adolescent self-awareness. Armed with the superpower of cutting to the core of youthful idealism and angst, and conjuring instantly relatable, catchy pop, Lofi is a manifesto of the shimmering isolation of the internet generation - the realisation that no matter how hard we try to fill the void, we are all alone in our own brains, and that’s ok.