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POISE Residency w/ Carbo/Carter/Gunnoo


POISE is an improvising council bent on resolving ever transforming sonic enigmas through an ordered doctrine and an affinity for disarray. The phonetic state communes in evolving stories and mystic cycles to obfuscate symmetry, tame the dragon, the people revolt and the crane flies.

Max Teakle - Keys/Synth Theo Carbo - Guitar/Electronics Blakely Mclean Davies- Bass Dom Stitt - Drums Sam Ondaatje - Saxophones Felix Meredith - Trumpet Oskar Moore - Trombone MC - Philmon

We are very excited to announce some special guests!

2nd - Peter Knight 16th - Adrian Sherriff 23rd - Julien Wilson

Supports @ 8pm 2nd - ASTRAL FLEX 9th - Organix 16th - Grocer Green 23rd - Carbo/Carter/Gunnoo 30th - ZEDSIX

POISE @ 9pm