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Full Flower Moon Band 'Roadie' Single Launch

"I'm in a sweet place with rock and roll" - Babyshakes Dillon calls out the car window, pulling away from band rehearsals.

If you ask the oracle about Full Flower Moon Band, it's the story of 28 year old rock prodigy/ outcast/ loner/ Babyshakes Dillon. The underground Brisbane-come-Melbourne producer and multi-instrumentalist has an impressive catalouge

Since 2016 audiences have seen her exist between America and Australia, doing extensiv international tours with internationally acclaimed touring band Gabriella Cohen, and living as a recluse in DIY studios.

Full Flower Moon Band is Her back catalouge as a producer and engineer, DIY queen for record label Dirty Power Studios

Leaving behind a trail of experimental scores, audio-visual concepts, movies, youtube channels and instagram accounts, Babyshakes' biggest accolaid to date has been the 2017 audio visual sci-fi rock album, CHIANTOWN.

"There’s a lot to love about the record alone, with its Velvet Underground opiate haze." Kate Hennesy, The Guardian

"Put on the new Arctic Monkeys album today and thought of this band immediately. Kate's been making spaced out, Bowie-esque psych experiments for the last couple of years!" - Dave Ruby Howe - JJJ unearthed

"If the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks had a house band they'd probably sound like this..." - Dom Alesio

The band features a rotating roster of live members, creating an electric, almost performance art atmosphere for the audience. They band recently supported USA act The Garden, Melbourne's Orb, and this month the Sydney + Melbourne psych rock festival

live show, described as 'feirce, exccentric, sensual, performance art',

Full Flower Moon Band, with a release via Sunset Pig Records announced for August 2019.

Rotating roster of live members, the band has done numerous east coast tours

in anticipation of their next release Death Or Hell with Sunset Pig Records in August 2019.