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Cystic Nightmare w/ Loveboner & Junior Fiction

Cystic Nightmare - Cystic Nightmare are a group of sick sad queers based in Naarm/Melbourne. Their sound is a lo-fi combo of punk, riot grrl, pop and grunge. Their songs can range anywhere from screeching critiques of second-wave feminism, to weirdly political queer love dirges, to thrashy ballads about mid-twenties angst, chronic illnesses, and terrible friends.

Loveboner - Chris & Laura sing songs about tinder dates, gay bombs, sexy septuagenarian actresses, male insecurity, conspiracy theories, sex robots, getting old, lipstick, urinals, suburb sex parties and, most importantly, love.

Junior Fiction play pop music for adults. Steeped in nostalgia and warmth with colours that permeate through every nook. It's a little pocked of energising sunlight on an otherwise dreary winter's day.