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The Brink Presents - Jungle In The Jungle

Help your favorite postapocalyptic themecamp raise funds for Burning Seed 2019.

The Brink present Jungle in the Jungle!

You thought you were trapped. You have been stuck, lost in this concrete jungle they called a city for so long. Skyscrapers, buildings, warehouses all tower over you as you contemplate why and how you're even still alive.

Then you hear it... a drum, a deep bass coming down the broken road ahead. As you get closer trees start to appear, moss growing over everything in sight. This postapocalyptic world has slowly turned from rubble into a thriving garden. Was it mother nature taking over the city thriving through the chaos or was it the toxic waste and radiation mutating the vines and causing it to grow?

You follow the music into a near by building the sign out front reads 'The Gasometer'. You walk in, drum and bass thumping through your ears into your souls. Hear you find your friends, you find your home.